Lingo Voice Messaging Solution

Voice Messaging for the Small Business - Active Voice's Lingo2.0 provides voice mail for organisations with up to 200 employees.

Lingo 2.0 International

Manage Messages

Active Voice's Lingo 2.0, available internationally, provides feature-rich voicemail that makes the most of your communications budget. Designed for organisations with up to 200 employees. Lingo 2.0 includes voice messaging, employee to employee messaging and our 1 for Yes, 2 for No® conversational interface.

Deliver Customer Service

The automated attendant presents your customers with a professional image by greeting callers with a prompt, courteous recording, answering calls on the first ring 24-hours a day, and enabling customers to reach the desired extension quickly and efficiently.

Grow Alongside Your Business

Lingo 2.0 adapts easily to your growing business and its changing communications needs. It scales to 100 subscribers with the 2-port system, and 200 subscribers with the 4-port system. So as your company becomes larger. Lingo 2.0 remains as cost-effective and reliable as your service to your customers.

Operate with Ease

Reliability is at the core of the Lingo 2.0 system. Featuring a new dependable hardware platform, you are guaranteed easy installation and hassle-free maintenance.