Plantronics Headsets

Headsets keep your hands free while on a call so you can obtain files, use a computer or take notes more easily. Research has show that they can increase productivity by as much as 43%

About headsets

Why choose a headset?

Headsets can improve your health. Headset users have no need to cradle a handset receiver between their shoulder and chin, thus avoiding muscle tension which can lead to 'phone neck' and even damage to the spine.

Anyone using a phone for as little as two hours a day will feel the benefit of a headset, You'll be more relaxed, comfortable and as a result have a more natural conversation.

Why choose Plantronics?

It's no wonder Plantronics are world leaders in the design and manufacture of lightweight headsets. They've been making them since 1962 so they've had a lot of practise.

They've sold over 32 million worldwide so far and they've even been on the moon (just ask Neil Armstrong)

More importantly, they can work with your telephone system, transforming your working environment into a more efficient, healthy and comfortable place to be.

Why noise cancelling?

All the Plantronics headsets from RDT (Southern) Ltd are available with noise cancelling microphones. These serve to reduce the background noise by as much as 92% so your customers only hear what you want them to hear, i.e. you speaking. Ideal for noisy environments such as call centres, they give a much more personal and professional sounding call.